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3 Days in Paraty - What to do

If you only have 3 days in Paraty then this is what we recommend to explore the 3 main elements that make it such an amazing place to visit

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Planning on 3 days in Paraty? Think again!

3 days in Paraty and you’re only just scratching the surface. Most visitors that we meet admit that as soon as they arrived they realised they wanted to stay longer than planned. So much so that many people come back for more at a later date! There is easily enough to see and do to fill a week or longer. Paraty’s got it all… sun, sea and sand; wildlife and nature; history, culture and heritage.

But if you really do have only 3 days in Paraty then this is what we recommend to explore the 3 main elements that make it such an amazing place to visit: the Colonial past, the Bay of Paraty and the Atlantic Rainforest.

Day 01: City Tour

A walking tour of the colonial Old Town centre (2 hours duration) is the perfect introduction to Paraty and will help you understand how everything you have researched fits together – where to go, what to do, shopping, eating and drinking. And if you haven’t done any research the local guide can help you hit the ground running with tips and recommendations.

In addition to these practical aspects the guide also brings to life the rich colonial past of Paraty. By pointing out the architectural details of the colonial houses and churches a knowledgeable and fun guide will help you more fully appreciate this UNESCO World Heritage site.

After the tour you’ll be free to wander the streets of the Old Town at leisure, safe in the knowledge that you won’t be missing out on anything. Why not soak up the atmosphere over drinks in the Main Square before heading off for dinner at a restaurant recommended by the guide?

See City Tour in Paraty for more info and photos.

Day 02: Kayak tour to Mangrove, Islands and Beaches

After hours spent on the road getting to Paraty you can’t beat a day out in the bay stopping at islands and beaches for swimming.

Opting for the kayak tour means you also get to visit the mangrove as it is not accessible any other way. For many people visiting this extraordinary tidal forest is the unexpected highlight of their time in Paraty. Take the tour and find out why it was recognised as one of the top 1% of things to do worldwide by Tripadvisor Travellers!

See Kayak tour to Mangrove, Beaches and Islands for more info and photos. Tour operates daily 9am to 1pm, with advance booking.

Looking for something less active? Then try this Plan B: Private Boat tour of the bay of Paraty stopping at beaches and islands in the bay for swimming, snorkeling and stand up paddleboarding.

Day 03: Gold Trail Atlantic Forest Walk

The beaches, islands and mangrove were great on Day 02 but now it’s time to explore the Atlantic Forest on the coastal mountain range behind Paraty. On the fascinating Gold Trail Atlantic Forest Walk the biggest surprise is how we manage to fit so much into only 5 hours!

This tour has everything – history, culture and nature – as we walk along parts of the paved road built by enslaved Africans to bring gold out from the mines in the Brazilian interior. It’s difficult to choose a highlight but exploring the biodiversity through your taste buds, as we try edible plants and flowers in the forest is an unforgettable experience.

At the end of the walk there is time for a refreshing swim in the natural pools and waterfalls before a visit to a cachaça (rum) distillery.

See Gold Trail Atlantic Forest Walk for more info and photos

Plan B looking for a more challenging hike? Then check out the Melancia Falls hike

Book Early to Avoid Disappointment!

Got any questions? Ready to book? Then please do get in touch:


Whilst we’ll do our best to take last minute bookings it is best to book in advance to avoid disappointment. If you do need to cancel for whatever reason we offer full refund for cancellations 24 hours or more before the tour’s scheduled start.

The tours recommended here are a great way to spend 3 days in Paraty.

One thing is for certain, you’ll wish you were staying longer!


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