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Tourisme culturel à Paraty

La reconnaissance officielle du tourisme culturel à Paraty ne vient d'aucune meilleure autorité que l'UNESCO elle-même. En tant que site du patrimoine mondial pour la biodiversité et la culture, Paraty a beaucoup à offrir aux visiteurs.


Tourisme culturel à Paraty

Official recognition for Cutural Tourism in Paraty comes from no better authority than UNESCO itself. As a World Heritage site for biodiversity and culture Paraty has much to offer visitors. In addition, Paraty has also been recognised as a Creative City of Gastronomy by the same organisation.

As an important crossroads the port of Paraty brought together indigenous, European and African cultures. Each of these cultures has had a rich and diverse impact on the history of Paraty and its contemporary way of life.

The indigenous peoples of Brazil have left their mark on the language, farming and gastronomy. Their knowledge of the forest, the sustainable use of natural resources, the climate and the migration of fauna continue to influence culture in Paraty.

The African people who were brutally enslaved and brought by force to the Americas in their millions, left the language and a very rich culture which includes gastronomy, fine arts, music and dance, and ancestral knowledge.

With the Europeans came “evolution” – language, religion, slavery, ships, weapons, extensive agriculture and architecture. With the arrival of the exiled Portuguese Royal Family in 1808 came European theatre and arts.

Whilst each culture has individually left its distinctive mark it is perhaps most interesting to see how they came together to create the local Caiçara culture of the remote fishing communities. In these communities it is possible to trace characteristics that have been inherited from indigenous, African and European cultures. Examples of this can be seen in the adoption of indigenous farming techniques, African fishing methods and European tools.


On our multiday trips we visit the remote coastal Caiçara communities and experience their local way of life – fishing, farming, handicrafts and of course the delicious local seafood dishes. Inevitably there is an element of local culture in all the tours we offer in and around Paraty.


Explorez la culture de Paraty

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