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Mamangua Peak View | Paraty Explorer


Tropical Fjord Kayak Trip

Classic multiday Sea Kayak trip on Brazil’s stunning Costa Verde, with golden sandy beaches, tropical islands, magical mangroves, and hidden waterfalls in the Mamanguá Tropical Fjord

From R$2200 per person | 3 days, 2 nights | Difficulty: Moderate

Tropical Fjord Kayak Trip Highlights 

Paddle in the calm, blue waters of Mamangua, Paraty's 'Tropical Fjord'.

The Costa Verde, just south of Rio de Janeiro, has all the ingredients for an amazing Sea Kayak Trip in Brazil. National Geographic Traveler has called this area ‘a sea kayaker’s dream’ and, with its deserted sandy beaches, tropical islands, Rainforest covered hills and traditional Caiçara fishing villages, it’s easy to see why!

This Kayak Trip in Brazil is considered a Classic trip by Brazilian paddlers. The trip starts in the picturesque colonial town of Paraty and spends 2 nights in the car-free paradisiacal Mamangua Tropical Fjord. Mamangua, only accessible by sea or walking trail, is fast becoming the number one paddling destination in Brazil.

Outstanding views from the 425m Sugarloaf Peak.

The amazing panoramic views are a great reward after the sweaty hike up the 425m Sugarloaf peak (29m higher than its more famous cousin in Rio!). Don’t be misled by the distance from the bottom as it’s a steep and demanding hike to the top. 

On this trip the sense of peace and tranquility in the early mornings and late afternoons after the day-trippers have gone is unforgettable!

Waterfall in Mamangua | Paraty Explorer

Paddle through the mangrove & cool off in a lush swimming hole in the jungle

Any visit to Mamangua should also include a trip to the Rio Grande swimming hole, a refreshing place to cool off in the atlantic forest. The real highlight though is the kayak paddling route through the mangrove in on your way to the waterfall. Spotting the different types of crabs in the mangrove is the wildlife highlight to visiting Mamangua. We’re also guaranteed to see plenty of bird life all throughout the bay. With a bit of luck we often spot turtles when paddling near the mouth of the bay or along the coastline to Paraty Mirim. If we’re very lucky we might get to see dolphins as well.

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