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Waterfalls in Paraty - Saco Bravo Waterfall


Waterfalls in Paraty

Forget Iguaçu, in Paraty it's all about being in the waterfalls! Swimming, sliding, jumping in or just cooling off.


Waterfalls in Paraty

The heavy rainfall of the Atlantic Forest and the steep Coastal Mountain Range create the perfect conditions for Waterfalls in Paraty! However, first of all be careful of the translation. The Portuguese word cachoeira has been lazily translated into waterfall. But if you’re looking for spectacular falls in the style of Iguaçu and Niagara you may be in for a disappointment. A cachoeira is basically moving freshwater found in rivers. French speaking readers will recognise this as cascades. With temperatures in the high 30s Celsius for much of the year a cool refreshing dip in a cachoeira is the best way to cool down.

In Paraty the waterfalls are not just for taking pictures. They are more like natural water parks, play areas in the Atlantic Forest. To really make the most of them you need to jump in them, slide down them, swim in them, get a natural massage from the falling water or just sit back and cool down in the freshwater pools.

On days tours and multiday trips with Paraty Explorer, we visit the best waterfalls in Paraty, some with easy access for everyone; others on beautiful and challenging trails through the Atlantic Forest.

Tobogã Waterfall: The classic rockslide of Paraty

Hurtling down ‘The Toboggan’, a huge rock creating a natural water slide is a thrilling highlight on any visit to Paraty. With a bit of luck you’ll catch the locals ‘surfing’ the rock standing up. But we strongly recommend you go down on your backside or lying down.

Recommended tour:

Toboggan Waterfall Paraty | Paraty Explorer

Waterfalls in Paraty: Tarzan’s pool

If the Toboggan rockslide is too much adrenaline for you, head over to Tarzan’s pool for a relaxing swim. This is the perfect place to cool down after a trail. Beautiful scenery, total relaxation!

Recommended tour:

Melancia Falls 

The highest falls in Paraty with a natural waterpark of pools and smaller waterfalls.  The Melancia Falls are only accessible by trail through the Atlantic Forest. Many people consider these falls to be the best in Paraty. A challenging 4 hour hike with a great reward!

Recommended tour:

Melancia Waterfall | Paraty Explorer
Saco Bravo Waterfall Hike | Paraty Explorer

Saco Bravo Waterfall

This unique natural infinity pool set in the rocky coastline overlooking the sea is a photogenic masterpiece – the undisputed highlight of the Saco Bravo Waterfall hike! Only accessible by hiking trail we recommend spending the night before in a local fishing village so that you can be up early and reach the waterfall before the day-hikers arrive.

Recommended tour: 

Rio Grande Waterfall (Saco do Mamanguá)

Whilst the Rio Grande Waterfall is a lovely place to cool off this is really a case of ‘it’s the journey, not the destination. The real highlight is the kayak paddling route through the mangrove in Mamanguá on your way to the waterfall.

Recommended tour:

Rio Grande Waterfall in Paraty | Paraty Explorer

Visit the best waterfalls in Paraty

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