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Multi-day Trips in Paraty

Multi-day trips in on the Green Coast with Paraty Explorer take you beyond the regular tourism experience.


Multi-day experiences in Paraty

Our Multiday Trips in Paraty have been carefully designed to bring you the very best of Paraty – helping you experience the history, culture and nature which make Paraty such an amazing place to visit.

A guided multiday trip with Paraty Explorer is more than just a tour. The knowledgeable, informative and fun Tour Guides make all the difference, giving Paraty Explorer trips their distinct flavour. A multiday trip takes you beyond the regular tourist experience giving you greater contact with local communities and creating memories that you will cherish forever.

Let us show you why UNESCO has recognised Paraty as a World Heritage Site for biodiversity and culture on our multiday tours.

Green Coast Expeditions


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