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Top 6 Beaches in Paraty

With over a 100 beaches to explore it makes sense to do a bit of research before visiting to make sure you find the right ones for you.

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Check out Paraty Explorer’s favourite beaches

One thing’s for certain and that is there is no shortage of beaches in Paraty! But with over a 100 beaches to explore it makes sense to do a bit of research before visiting to make sure you find the right ones for you.

In terms of beaches Paraty has something for everyone… there are beaches for swimming, beaches with cool shade to sit in, and beaches to lie cooking in the sun. Maybe you’re looking for a beach to have an ice-cold beer or maybe you want a beach off the beaten track. There are beaches where you’ll find the local Caiçara culture. And there’s even a beach where some people go nude, although surprising enough that isn’t on Naked Man Island (Ilha do Pelado). There are beaches for surfing and beaches that have waterfalls and freshwater pools next door! There are beaches that you can only reach on a sweaty hike through the jungle and there are beaches that on the bus routes. And as you would expect there’s no shortage of beaches where you can have a bite to eat. Everyone has there favourites. What’s yours?

Not an easy task, but we’ve listed here our favourite beaches… the Paraty Explorer TOP 6 BEACHES in Paraty

Beach #6 – Praia da Lula (Lula Beach)

This is one of the best known beaches in Paraty. Beautiful sandy beach with crystal clear waters that can only be reached by sea. The Paraty Explorer Top Tip is to arrive early before the big schooners start to fill the beach with hordes of people from 11:30.

Beach #5 – Praia do Rosa (Rosa Beach).

It’s the high point of high season and the town is literally over-flowing with people! How are you going to have a day at the beach and escape the crowds? Mission impossible? Maybe not. Rosa beach, a favourite with locals, is always the last beach in Paraty to get busy. Off the beaten track access to this beach is via a short 15 minute trail through the forest, enough to put off the lazier visitors! The trail is nice. But there is no better way to arrive on Rosa beach than by kayak.

Beach #4 – Praia Vermelha (Vermelha Beach)

Ah, but I’ve heard that Vermelha beach gets so busy that you can barely see the sand. That may be true but it’s all about timing! If you spend the night on this beach you’ll wake up and have it to yourself before the day tour boats arrive. And at night swimming with the plankton for a bioluminescence show is unforgettable.

Beach #3 – Ilha Malvão (Malvão Island)

Lovely sandy beach with crystal clear waters on the north side of the bay of Paraty, Malvão is an unmissable stop if you like kayaking. And depending on time of year you visit, you might get lucky and try the delicious Surinam Cherries (Pitanga) right off the tree.

Beach #2 – Praia da Ponta Negra (The beach at Ponta Negra fishing village)

A pretty beach without doubt, but for the full Ponta Negra experience grab a table at Teteco’s beach restaurant and sit back and enjoy the scenes of daily life as you nibble on some freshly caught grilled squid. Ponta Negra doesn’t have a village square; it has a beach! And it’s on the beach that everything happens. Fishermen bringing in their catch from the nets; kids playing in the canoes; villagers catching up on the local news and of course the visitors enjoying the beach. There’s so much going on, albeit at a relaxing Brazilian pace, that it’s difficult to keep up. And what about beach football? Is there anyone who doesn’t actually play? Kids, teens, grownups and veterans – everyone gets in on the kickabout. And if you’ve got the energy you’ll be very welcome to join in!

Who could’ve guessed lounging about could be so tiring? Before you know it, it’s time for a quick swim to liven up and start to think about dinner beneath the spectacular starlit night sky.

Beach #1 – Praia dos Antigos (Antigos Beach)

The votes are in and it’s a unanimous decision by everyone at Paraty Explorer. Antigos Beach is the best beach in Paraty!

Antigos Beach is a surf beach on the Juatinga Peninsular where the lush Atlantic Forest covers the hillside right down to the golden sandy beach. This natural beauty is all the more apparent when you realise that there are no manmade structures on the beach – no house, no shops, no beach kiosks. It’s all natural. Not convinced? Then there’s only one way to find out. Pack your bags and let’s go check it out!


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