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Top 6 Things to do in Paraty in the Rain

Top 6 things to do in Paraty in the Rain

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You’re probably reading this as you’ve just seen a bad weather forecast. Or you’re at your wits’ end after a run of rainy days in Paraty. So what to do now? What are the best things to do in Paraty in the rain?

First up, was the forecast actually right? Is it raining? Will it rain all day? Or only part of it? Have they actually got it right? The forecasts get it wrong a lot. Very often people cancel tours and plans only to wake up to a bright sunny day! So hold off on cancelling that fair weather Plan A. Also, if the forecast is for small quantities of rain, 1 or 2mm, then often that translates to no rain. Don’t panic. It might not be beach weather but you can get out and about and enjoy, rather than endure, outdoor activities.

But let’s assume it is raining and let’s be honest here, with one of the highest rainfalls in the country, it does rain a lot in Paraty!

So, the big question is just what the hell are you to do on those rainy days in the paradise that is Paraty?

It’s time to grab the umbrella or the rain poncho and get out and about. After all, during the pandemic you’ve seen everything there is to see on Netflix anyway!

Here are Paraty Explorer’s wet weather TOP 6 tips:

6 – Bananal Plantation

The trick with rainy days, especially if you have kids, is to get out and about, make the most of your time here and break up the day. The Bananal works perfectly on these fronts. Close to Paraty (20 minutes by road) you can be there quickly and if the weather takes a turn for the worse there’s shelter from the rain. This old plantation dating back to the 18th century has been lovingly restored, at no expense spared. There are loads of activities for the kids based around farm animals (including photogenic goats!), local Brazilian crops and renewable energies. And why not round off your visit to the wonderful farm to table restaurant? Highly recommended!

5 – Surfing

Créditos da imagem: Casa da Aventura

You’re going to get wet anyway so what’s the difference? It may be raining but it’s unlikely to be ‘proper’ cold, and oddly enough the sea feels warmer when it rains (try it. Altho this sounds like bullshit tour guide advice it appears to be true!). Surf trips take place on the beaches on the Ubatuba side of Paraty.

4 – Red Wine & BBQ

'Rainy day? You don’t want to get wet? Isn’t that what red wine was invented for?’ – a Paraty Explorer favourite, courtesy of Steven of the Brazilian Beach House Company. Only a couple of flaws in this tip put it out of the running for the #1 spot. Let’s be honest here, it’s not exactly suitable for young children. And after potentially 3 or 4 days on the bottle you run the risk of a monster hangover. But maybe it’ll be the best option for you, especially if you’ve rented an Airbnb as few things are better than a rainy day BBQ in the tropics.

3 – Exploring the Rainforest 

At some stage someone will point out, ‘well, it is a Rainforest after all. What were you expecting?’ Harsh but fair. But it’s the rain that gives life to the lush Atlantic Forest that surrounds Paraty and sustains the waterfalls and swimming holes. So why not come on our Atlantic Forest walk along the Gold Trail with our specialist guides identifying and trying edible plants and mushrooms? This is a fascinating and fun way to explore the Rainforest.

2 – Walking Tour of the Old Town

With all those sunny days  at the beach under your belt you’ve probably been too busy to soak up the rich and colourful history of the Old Town of Paraty. Why are there so many churches for such a small town? Just where does the Prince live? And didn’t anyone realise the high tides would flood the streets before the town was built? A tour with a local guide can open your eyes to all that’s going on around you. And if the rain gets too heavy why not pop in to The Casa da Cultura and see what local exhibitions they have on?

1 – High-Wire Adventure Trail at Arvorismo Paraty

This is it. This is our all time, tip top, number 1, bomb-proof recommendation for things to do in Paraty in the rain. Great fun for all the family, visitors from the UK will spot similarities with Go-Ape on this obstacle course suspended in the trees. 2 different levels of difficulty (suitable for kids 125cm or taller) and with a zip-line sequence culminating in a 250m ‘flight’ over the river this adventure park has something for everyone.

Obviously this list is by no means complete. But what’s missing for those rainy days in Paraty? Why not add your own tips via the Comments?

Don’t forget to save this page to your favourites, you just might need it when you visit Paraty, and don’t leave home without a raincoat!

But what about the Kayaking?

People who know Paraty Explorer have asked, ‘so why didn’t Kayaking make this list?’

A fair point, but, if you know Paraty Explorer you know that the answer to most questions is ‘ok, let’s go kayaking!’ So to avoid being predictable we didn’t include kayaking in the list. But yes, we kayak in the rain and believe it or not, it’s fun!


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