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TripAdvisor Best Destinations: Paraty

TripAdvisor has just made the trip planning process easier by placing Paraty at #11 in its list of Best Destinations in the World for 2022

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TripAdvisor Best Destinations: Paraty, Travellers’ Choice, 2022

Not sure which places to include on your trip to Brazil? Whilst stating the obvious Brazil is a huge country with so much to offer visitors. But where should you go? TripAdvisor has just made the trip planning process easier by placing Paraty at #11 in its list of Best Destinations in the World for 2022

So how does Paraty make the list? What makes is so popular with TripAdvisor Travellers? Here’s our take on what makes Paraty special for visitors, starting with a wonderful video highlighting the World Heritage status. Says it all really:

1 – The Beaches and Islands of Paraty

When you think of Brazil you think of white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and luscious Rainforest. With over 50 islands and more than a 100 beaches Paraty has much to explore, including arguably some of the best beaches in Brazil. Check out more on Paraty’s beaches and islands in these other blog posts.

2 – The Rainforest covered Coastal Mountain Range

The flipside to the Brazilian beach culture stereotype is the lush Rainforest and again Paraty delivers. The Atlantic Forest covers the coastal mountain range surrounding Paraty and is full of waterfalls and freshwater pools that can be reached on world class hiking trails or on jeep tours.

3 – The Historical Old Town centre 

Paraty’s picturesque Old Town has been likened to an open air museum of 19th Century Colonial architecture. In addition to the beautifully restored and maintained old buildings there are lotsof shops, bars and restaurants for visitors and locals to explore by night.

4 – Location, Location, Location!

Brazil’s a huge country and any visit should be planned with this in mind or you will lose many days travelling between the top destinations. As you feed your addiction to Brazil with repeated visits Paraty Explorer recommends you explore different parts of the country on different trips. The Amazon, the Northeast and the Southeast each deserve their own trip. And Paraty, located midway between Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo offers easy access from both these amazing cities with their international airports. Adding Paraty to your itinerary of Brazil’s southeast is a no-brainer!

5 – Places to Stay

Although Paraty is a small coastal town it has an impressive range of places to stay. From hostels and campsites to guesthouses and boutique hotels Paraty has something to suit all travels no matter your budget or your comfort preferences. Like most places in the world Airbnb is booming in Paraty with all kinds of accommodation types from award winning properties in the forest to beachfront houses. For hotels has the most complete list.

6 – Things to do in Paraty

Often overlooked as a 2 night stop there’s actually more than enough to do to keep you in Paraty for over a week. At the time of writing the Things to Do section of Tripadvisor has 365 tours, one for each day of the year!

Undoubtedly one of the highlights is our very own Mangrove, Beaches and Islands by Kayak tour, voted by TripAdvisor travellers as one of the top 1% of things to do do worldwide in 2021. But there is also a lot of excellent hiking and more relaxing boat and jeep tours for the less active.


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