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Wildlife on Kayak Tours in Brazil

On our kayak tours setting out from our base in Paraty on Brazil’s Costa Verde we regularly see the wildlife listed here.

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Seeing Wildlife on Kayak Tours in Paraty, Brazil

Seeing wildlife on kayak tours in Brazil usually takes a back seat to the spectacular scenery on the Costa Verde with its white sandy beaches and rainforest covered tropical islands. But the wildlife is out there! Whilst Brazil won’t compete with Mexico’s Sea of Cortes in terms of wildlife encounters there’s plenty to see from the water.

On our kayak tours setting out from our base in Paraty on Brazil’s Costa Verde, south of Rio de Janeiro, we regularly see the wildlife listed here. We offer kayak tours to suit all levels from 4 hour tours suitable for beginners through to multiday trips for experienced paddlers.

Crabs in the Mangrove

For the uninitiated the raw yet delicate beauty of the mangrove intertidal forests comes as a rewarding surprise. The mangroves have a critical role in supporting marine life and during the warmer spring/summer months from November to February it is positively heaving with crabs as they leave their burrows for the mating season. We almost always see mangrove tree crabs, edible swamp ghost crabs and the striking red mangrove crabs. This is the highlight of our daily 4 hour kayak trip which is suitable for inexperienced paddlers.

Birdwatching on Kayak Tours in Brazil

In recent years Paraty has become one of the top destinations for Birdwatching in Brazil. On birdwatching tours from sea level up into the mountains you can expect to see between 50 and 60 bird species with an experienced birdwatching guide. On kayak trips in the bay of Paraty we regularly see frigate birds, brown boobies, vultures, egrets, herons, kingfishers, oystercatchers and the ever so colourful roseate spoonbill (pictured below) amongst others.

Birdwatching on Kayak Tours in Brazil

Dolphins in Paraty 

Dolphins in Paraty 

Seeing dolphins never fails to excite! Whilst we do sometimes see them on kayak day trips in the bay the chances are much improved on the multiday trips, especially the 3 day kayak trip to Mamangua Tropical fjord.

Turtles, jumping fish, jaguars, monkeys and more!

The great thing about kayaking and wildlife encounters is that you’re never quite sure what you’re going to see. But one thing is for sure; it is always unpredictable and fun. In addition to the crabs and birds we regularly sea jumping fish and turtles. At the island stops we often see monkeys (including the endangered Golden Lion Tamarin!), lizards, and cotias. But the most impressive wildlife encounter on record is from a couple of years back when a fisherman actually filmed a jaguar swimming between Algodão island and the mainland!

Turtles, jumping fish, jaguars, monkeys and more!

Whale watching in Brazil by kayak

Paraty is on the whales’ migration route northwards from the southern polar waters to breed and give birth in warm waters off the Brazilian coast. But they normally pass by quite far offshore. In recent years there have been a few isolated sightings (recorded on phone videos!) but generally it’s a long shot. In 20 years paddling on Paraty Costa Verde Paraty Explorer has never seen one. Further south, in the strait between Ilhabela and Sao Sebastiao professional outdoor photographer and keen sea kayaker Ricardo Feres has been catching some great images of migrating whales. Check out more here on his site including an amazing video of a humpback whale breaching right in front of his kayak!

Multiday Kayaking Trips in Brazil

The Costa Verde (aptly named Green Coast) around Paraty is fast becoming the sea kayaking capital of Brazil. The 03 day Mamangua Tropical Fjord Kayak Trip has become a Brazilian classic and is on the bucket list of all sea kayakers in Brazil. The mix of protected conditions with more exposed open water means we have sea kayaking suitable for all levels of ability, fitness and paddling experience.

In addition to wildlife encounters on the water the spectacular scenario created by the rainforest covered Coastal Mountain range makes this region a paddlers paradise. Year round warm water coastal paddling between tropical islands and deserted sandy beaches doesn’t get much better than this!

Check out our 2, 3 and 5 day Kayaking Trips for more photos, information and inspiration!


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