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Islands of Paraty

With more than 50 islands of Paraty we can’t write about them all here. But here are some of the islands we recommend visiting.

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Discover the best Islands of Paraty

What makes a boat tour or kayak trip in Paraty so amazing? Well, the dozens of beaches are a major factor, but it’s the islands of Paraty that give that extra special touch. There is no shortage of islands you can stop at for a swim, go snorkeling with tropical fish, explore new beaches or even observe wild animals.

With more than 50 islands of Paraty we can’t write about them all here. But here are some of the islands (‘ilhas’ in Portuguese) we recommend visiting:

Ilha da Pescaria

Possibly the most crystal clear waters in Paraty can be found at Pescaria Island. This is an unmissable stop for anyone who likes snorkeling. It’s almost a natural aquarium where you can swim with the tropical fish.

Ilha do Malvão

Picture postcard Malvao island is exactly what you would expect of a tropical island – lovely white sandy beach backing onto a rainforest covered island. A Bucket List favourite for any boat tour or kayak trip in the Bay of Paraty.

Ilha do Araújo

The largest island in the bay of Paraty, Araujo Island has approximately 550 living on it and is best known for its Shrimp Festival which happens in June to celebrate the end of the three month annual ban of shrimp fishing. But Araujo Island has a whole lot more to offer visitors. Visiting this Caiçara Community with its traditional techniques for fishing, growing crops, handicrafts and cooking is a chance to experience another Paraty, the Paraty of the past with its strong cultural roots.

Ilha dos Cocos

Cocos Islands is a real treat…a classic Costa Verde (Green Coast) island with that special mixture of sheltered waters and Atlantic Forest.

Recommended tour: Boat tour (private)

Créditos da imagem: @camilajgaspar (instagram)

Ilha do Itu

The fact that Itu Island is the only island that gives you access to the fascinating mangrove eco-system makes it a real favourite for Paraty Explorer. The narrow channel between the island and the continent, only accessible by kayak or canoe, creates perfect conditions for the tropical mangrove to proliferate. See at first hand how the mangrove supports marine life.

Ilha da Cotia

The sailing crowd always find the best, most remote spots and Cotia Island is no exception to this rule of thumb. The waters behind the island are so well protected it feels like a swimming pool – the perfect anchorage for yachts to spend a night or two. Cotia island is located in Fundão Bay, near Paraty Mirim.

Recommended tour: Boat tour (private)


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