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The Best Things To Do in Paraty

Explore the best things to do in the Old Town, the Bay and the Forest. Fascinating & fun guided tours for local history, culture, & nature.

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Discover the best things to to in Paraty

Some people will tell you that Paraty is a weekend destination, that it can be ‘done’ in a couple of days. Yet when you stop and think about the huge variety of places to see and things to do in Paraty it becomes clear you could spend a whole week here. And still have things on your ‘to do’ Bucket List for Paraty.

The picturesque Old Town centre is always going to be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Paraty. But it’s worth checking out its less well-known sides – The Bays and The Forest – for a complete experience of Paraty. As a UNESCO World Heritage site for Biodiversity and Culture, you can easily imagine that Paraty has an incredible range of tours that explore its unique mix of history, culture and nature. It is no coincidence that TripAdvisor travellers have selected Paraty as one of the Best Destinations in the World for 2022.

Continue reading to discover the best things to to in Paraty.

Tours in Paraty: The Bay

With more than a hundred beaches and over 50 islands there is no shortage of tours exploring the bays and the stunning Paraty coastline. There is so much to discover in the three main bays of Paraty, Mamangua and Fundão. From the tropical islands and sheltered waters of the Bay of Paraty; to the local Caiçara fishing culture and natural beauty of Mamangua Bay; and the peace and tranquility of the often overlooked Fundão Bay.

A boat tour is the classic day trip in Paraty – either zipping around by speedboat or relaxing on a more comfortable wooden boat inspired by the traditional fishing boat designs. But have you considered trying something different?

In 2021 the Paraty Explorer Mangrove, Beaches and Islands by Kayak Tour has been placed in the Top 1% Things to Do Worldwide by Tripadvisor Travellers.

We like to say that while you can enjoy the scenery from a boat; by kayak you feel part of it! You can explore places like the mangrove that are not accessible any other way.

Paraty Explorer recommended tours:

Tours in Paraty: The Forest

But don’t forget to explore the other side of Paraty – The Forest. The Atlantic Forest, Brazil’s forgotten Forest, dominates the panoramic views of the Coastal Mountain Range. Looking onto the Rainforest covered mountain slopes it feels like little must have changed since the Portuguese arrived more than 500 years ago. In addition to its beautiful waterfalls and freshwater pools the Atlantic Forest is one of the most biodiverse places on the planet.

Paraty Explorer has walks and hikes for everyone, whatever your interests or level of fitness. Walking on the Gold Trail is a fascinating way to explore Brazil’s history whilst exploring the Atlantic Forest. Our multilingual guides trace Paraty's history from the pre-colonial times of the indigenous peoples to the Gold Rush and later as Coffee supplier to the world. Or perhaps you would like to learn more about the plants of the Atlantic Forest – their nutritional and medicinal characteristics? Walking in the forest with our specialists is a fascinating, fun and tasty (!) way to gain a better understanding of what the term Biodiversity actually means in practice!

For the best panoramic views of the region check out the Mamangua Sugarloaf Peak Boat Tour. This day out starts with an exhilirating fastboat ride along the Costa Verde before an intense hike to the top of the Sugarloaf.

If you’re looking for a more challenging hike our favourite is on forest trails that take you to the impressive Melancia Falls, the largest waterfall in Paraty. Or if have a couple of days a hike to the fishing village of Ponta Negra and the Saco Bravo waterfall is an unforgettable experience.

Paraty Explorer recommended tours:

Paraty: The Old Town

Everyone enjoys a stroll around the old town with its car-free streets, shops and boutiques, bars and restaurants. But have you stopped to think of the stories that lie behind this extraordinary colonial architecture? If they could talk, what secrets would these historic walls reveal? And returning to the present day, why are there so many shops selling cachaça, the Brazilian rum? And why does the tide flood the city streets? Take a city tour with a local guide to really appreciate the colonial jewel that is Paraty

Paraty Explorer recommended tour:


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