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Trindade, Paraty

Trindade, Paraty – 7 Things to know before you go

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Trindade, Paraty – 7 Things to know before you go

Trindade is a former fishing village in the municipality of Paraty in the state of Rio de Janeiro. The beaches, with their stunning rainforest covered mountainous backdrop, are recognized as being amongst the best in Brazil. And rightfully so! Trindade really is a beach-lovers paradise.

The first visitors from Rio and São Paulo started coming in the 1970s with the opening of the BR101 highway linking Rio and Santos (the port closest to São Paulo). Tourism grew slowly throughout the 80s and 90s and then more rapidly in the last 15 years and now dominates the former fishing village. Don’t take this the wrong way, Trindade is a firm favourite with Paraty Explorer and a major tourist attraction, but if you’re looking to get away from it all, enjoy beautiful sandy beaches and waterfalls this is no longer the place to go!

Paraty has plenty to offer visitors (Check out our tips for The Best Things To Do) but whereas Trindade used to be a ‘must visit’ attraction this is no longer the case. If you’re in town for just a few days then have a look at the tours we recommend for 3 days in Paraty.

Nevertheless, if you do decide to go these are Paraty Explorer’s Trindade Paraty TOP 7 tips:

1 – Trindade isn’t in Paraty!

Technically it’s in the Paraty Municipality but it’s a fishing village about 26km from the Old Town centre of Paraty, or 30-40 minutes by road. Great for day trips, and also for overnight stays if you want to be next to some of the best beaches in Brazil. There are lots of places to stay including holiday rentals, hostels and guesthouses (pousadas). Check Airbnb and to see what’s available.

2 – Open sea: Be Careful!

Riptides, surf and currents: Trindade has them all. Be very careful, especially if you are not a confident swimmer or have young kids with you. Safest place to swim is in the corner of Rancho Beach – the calmest waters. Don’t even think about going into the sea at Cepilho Beach unless you are an experienced surfer. In fact, whenever you go to a beach anywhere in the world, think like a surfer and study the water before you go in.

3 – The Best Beaches in Trindade?

Everyone has their favourite beach (praia). Cepilho is loved by surfers. Praia Brava do Trindade if you want to get away from it all or get naked in the far left corner with the German tourists. Cachadaço backing onto the Atlantic Forest hillside is a personal Paraty Explorer favourite, accessible by a short trail. Praia do Rancho has lively bars and restaurants, Praia do Meio is photogenic. Check them all out if you have the time and make up your own mind.

4 – Piscina Natural

Swim, snorkel with brightly coloured fish and hang out at the natural pool created by huge rocks in the sea. Best to go early (before 9am!) especially in high season or at weekends when it gets very, very crowded.

5 – Pedra Que Engole

Literally, the rock that swallows! Fun waterfall a short walk from the Praia do Meio beach where, if you’re feeling bold enough you can let yourself be swallowed (momentarily) by the rock.

6 – Trindade Guided Tour or Public Bus?

You can easily get to Paraty by public bus or minibus – one leaving Paraty every 30 minutes– for R$5 one way (at the time of writing). If you’re taking a tour check what’s included in the tour… if its just the transport then save yourself the money, catch the bus and treat yourself to lunch.

7 – Will it be crowded?

Is it New Year? First 3 weeks of January, a weekend or a feriado (national holiday)? If the answer to any of these is yes, then don’t go. It’ll be packed! And horrible. The beautiful beaches of Trindade, Paraty, have been well known for decades so it’s inevitable that they have become the most popular. If you’re looking to avoid the crowds you’re better off trying somewhere more off the beaten track like Sono beach, Paraty Mirim or Cambury beach.


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