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Paraty Weather: The Best Time to Visit

The definitive weather guide on the best time to visit Paraty.

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The definitive weather guide on the best time to visit Paraty

Universally safe go-to topic of conversation the weather is also the decisive factor for most people on when to visit Paraty (and Brazil in general). There are other factors that we’ll consider in a different blog post but the weather is the key one.

So, first up, a Paraty Explorer Disclaimer: like everywhere else in the world weather patterns in Paraty are increasingly hard to predict so we’re not to be held responsible if you get rained out in August or cold in February! The way the weather is and the way it should are often very different. This is something we find our clients sharing with us when they visit Paraty – its very often colder, wetter, drier, hotter than it should be all around the world. And the weather patterns are increasingly more extreme.

The next challenge with weather forecasting in Paraty is that with its rainforest covered mountain range and three bays inside the even bigger bay of Ilha Grande there are a number of microclimates. It can be raining in the hills behind Paraty; cloudy in the old town and sunny in the bay. You can get burnt to a crisp on the beaches of Trindade, 30km from Paraty, while back in town visitors are getting soaked through in a tropical downpour.

So you can imagine that making plans on the basis of weather assumptions can be a real challenge. That said, there are a number of general weather rules that are very helpful in planning your trip to Paraty.

The Summer in Paraty (December to February)

The tropical summer months of December, January and February are very hot, very humid and very wet. It can get as hot as 35°C to 40°C (95°-104° Fahrenheit). It’s relentless and at its worst (best?) cools down at night to 30°. A typical summer’s day will start with sunny blue skies and become increasingly humid, finishing off the afternoon with a dramatic tropical downpour with thunder and lightning. But the good news is that it doesn’t rain all day everyday.

Don’t Say:

‘Do you think it’s going to rain again today?’

Do Say:

‘Wow! Isn’t swimming in the waterfalls behind Paraty just the best way to cool down?!’

Things to do:

A Boat Tour is always a good idea in Paraty, especially one of the traditional wooden boats with plenty of shade. On the other hand this is the best time of the year to visit the Waterfalls and Freshwater pools of Paraty. Hikers will not be disappointed with the spectacular Melancia Falls; more casual walkers will appreciate the Toboggan rockslide and Tarzan pool at the end of the Gold Trail tour.

Go early, go protected! Avoid the tropical afternoon rains by starting early. 9am is fine, you don’t need to overdo it!

Also, get your sun protection strategy right. A hat, sunglasses, sunscreen (regularly applied) or UV protected clothing will get you through. The sun is VERY strong. And if you get careless you will burn, even on a cloudy day!

Paraty Explorer recommended tours:

The Winter in Paraty (July and August)


The winter in Paraty is all about Big Blue Brazilian Skies! The classic sky is cloudless, a striking shade of blue. In general the tropical winter months of July and August are dry and sunny with temperatures in the mid-twenties Celsius (mid-seventies Fahrenheit). The sun is much weaker but you still need to be careful and not drop your sun protection guard. The lowest night time temperature is 12°C (54°F) which for residents is a nice excuse to put on a pair of long pants for a change. BUT you can get unlucky as there are cold fronts that come up from the south. These generally last 2 or 3 days and bring cold, grey, boring persistent showers – much like the weather in the UK.

Don’t Say:

‘I wish I’d brought my fleece like you told me’

Do Say:

‘This kayaking is amazing but I wouldn’t have survived it in the heat of summer!’

Things to do:

This is the perfect weather for outdoor activities, especially Multiday Sea Kayaking and Hiking trips, as it doesn’t drain you like the heat and humidity of the summer.

Paraty Explorer recommended tours:

Paraty Weather: The Best Time to visit

For Paraty Explorer, the best time of year is March to June, low season, right after Carnaval. If the weather is as it should be then it will be hot, dry and sunny, cooling down in the evening. The sea and even the waterfalls will be warm enough to swim in comfortably, no matter where you are from!

Don’t Say:

‘Paraty Explorer promised me it would be dry and sunny!’

Do Say:

‘We are so lucky we chose the dates for our kayaking trip after reading your blog on Paraty Weather: The Best Time to visit’.

Things to do:

Without a doubt this is the best time of year for a Multiday kayak trip to Mamangua, Brazil’s only tropical fjord. The high season crowds will have gone home leaving you to enjoy the big blue skies, golden sandy beaches, lush Rainforest and tropical islands on the paddling route.

Paraty Explorer recommended tours:

The Best Advice for Weather:

As kayaking and hiking tour guides we spend a ridiculous amount of our time trying to incorporate weather forecasts into the planning of our tours. In the end the weather’s gonna do what the weather’s gonna do. It’s not something you can control but if you come with the right attitude you’ll have fun whatever the weather!


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